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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One of the company's clients needs a large order of duck calls, but Willie has trouble finding anyone to help fill it. Jase and Phil draft him for a late-night frog hunting trip, Korie pulls Phil and Miss Kay in to film a cooking DVD, and Jase decides to flood the loading dock and use it as a test pond for trying out new calls on actual ducks.

With the big Robertson family football game coming up, Phil gets his grandchildren to help set up the field. Willie goes overboard with his training regimen and hits Korie in the face with a pass. When Jase thinks he can be just as good a CEO as Willie, Willie gives him the job for the day, leaving him and Si to try to deliver a truckload of duck calls to a client on short notice. A large order is placed at Duck Commander, and in order to keep up, Jase and the other employees decide to build a conveyor belt.

The work goes less well than planned until Miss Kay uses a favorite old trick of hers. Meanwhile, Phil and Si declare war against the beavers who are disrupting their duck hunting and call John Luke in to help deliver the final blow. Jase and Willie ditch their kids' career day at elementary school to play golf and send Phil and Si as their replacements, which makes for an interesting day.

Later, Phil, Si, Jase, and Godwin return to the golf course to hunt frogs Jase saw in the pond, only to be caught by a patrolling security officer. After Willie comments on Miss Kay's hoarding tendencies, she and the women hold a yard sale and sell a few of the guys' treasured possessions out from under them, including Phil's favorite chair. Willie talks Phil into giving up one of his old duck blinds, and the guys blow it up and build a new one using an old RV outside Phil and Miss Kay's house.

Jase drives Willie to distraction by building himself a private office as an extension on the warehouse. Miss Kay decides to get some pet goats after a visit to the petting zoo, then leaves Willie to deal with them after they prove too hard to handle. Phil takes Cole out on the river to catch crawfish for the night's dinner. When the duck ponds on the Robertson land go dry, Phil launches an all-out assault on the beavers that have disrupted the water flow, bringing in firearms, Si's homemade explosives, and an impromptu flamethrower. Miss Kay decides that she wants to open her own restaurant, but soon learns that she needs more than her love of cooking to get the job done.

To celebrate Duck Commander's 40th anniversary party, Willie decides to build the world's largest duck call. Miss Kay takes Phil along to go house-hunting, but he is not too pleased.

Willie buys a vineyard sight unseen, planning to market a line of Duck Commander wine, but finds that winemaking takes a lot more time and effort than he originally thought. Meanwhile, Phil and Si have their hands full looking after their younger granddaughters for the day. Willie, Jase, and Si come across a beehive while hunting and try to collect its honey, but come up empty-handed until Phil and Cole show them how to do the job right. Korie and Missy end up stuck at the top of a scissor lift when they go up to the warehouse roof to collect duck decoys for a church carnival.

After discovering that his daughter Sadie has a boyfriend, Willie decides to get to know him by taking him hunting, and brings Jase along. Meanwhile, Phil and Si take Sadie on an outing.

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Willie and Jase compete to see who can catch and sell the most fish, bringing their sons as well as Si and Phil along to help. Meanwhile, the Robertson ladies decide to sew an apron for Miss Kay, but their lack of sewing knowledge leaves them stuck until Si pitches in. Meanwhile, chaos is caused when Willie finds an alligator in Phil and Miss Kay's yard. The Robertson men and women compete in their annual turkey cook-off, with Phil judging each side's recipes.

Jase and Si go hunting to bring in the birds for the competition, using decoys that prove a little too effective, and Phil makes a few unwanted "renovations" around the Duck Commander office that include taking down all the doors. When Willie is offered another job, he takes the Duck Commander crew on an employee retreat in order to help him figure out what to do. However, things quickly turn sour when the men find that Willie has taken them to a team-building camp and ridicule him ceaselessly for it. Sadie receives some driving lessons from Willie, Si, Jase, and Jep — all with disastrous results.

Meanwhile, Phil plays chaperone on John Luke's date. Feeling that the crew is not working enough, Si quits his job.

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Willie hires a guy to take Si's place, but Jase and the guys immediately hate him due to his obnoxious tendencies and eccentric behavior. Challenged to a riding lawnmower race by his arch-nemesis, Willie calls in the guys to help him practice and outfit his mower, but finds the competition to be at a far higher level than he thought.

Phil tries to build a playhouse for his granddaughters, ending up with an odd-looking structure that they cheerfully turn into a pretend duck blind. After Jase breaks into Willie's office, Willie installs a surveillance system in the warehouse that irritates the guys and ends up getting on his nerves as well. Sadie's huge cell phone bill prompts Willie and Korie to confiscate her phone and send her to do chores for Phil and Miss Kay.

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On an unbearably hot day, the air conditioning goes out, so Willie calls in Mountain Man - the only and slowest AC repairman in the area - to fix it. While waiting for him to figure out the problem, Jase and the guys turn the lake into a redneck water park and invite the entire family to cool off with them.

After John Luke brings Willie's truck home completely out of gas, Willie and Korie decide that he needs to learn some responsibility. Willie's search to find a truck for John Luke takes some unexpected turns, and Si gets one for himself and sends off his old truck by blowing it up.

Jase, Martin, and Godwin face Phil's anger after they take his rowboat without asking and accidentally sink it. Willie's insistence on new workplace rules, including uniforms, irritates Jase so much that he leads the guys out on what turns into a very disorganized strike. After Miss Kay finds herself with a huge batch of leftover boudin from a church lunch, Jessica borrows a friend's food truck and recruits Phil to drive it so they can try and sell the food before it spoils.

An embarrassing mistake during a trip to gather muscadine berries leads Si to visit the eye doctor for the first time in years. The guys' assignment to clean out the warehouse turns into an all-day ping-pong tournament when they uncover an old table among the junk. Phil takes John Luke and Cole fishing and tries to get some insight into the teenage mind. Willie is invited to be a guest on Mountain Man's radio show, not realizing that the broadcast is done more for comedy than to give out hunting advice, and Si drives him crazy by inviting himself along and telling embarrassing stories about Willie.

Jase gets a citation from the local homeowners' association for burning leaves and keeping chickens on his lawn and defends himself like a true Robertson at the group's next meeting. When one of Willie's clients sends him a samurai sword, the rest of the guys are instantly drawn to it. They sneak it out of Willie's office and have fun chopping things apart until the blade snaps, forcing them to try to find a shop that can repair it. Willie arranges for Phil to take Sadie to take shooting lessons much to his wife's dislike. Taking a break from work, Jase, Si, Jep, and the guys visit a donut shop and bet among themselves as to who can eat the most donuts.

Si wins and uses the money to buy tickets to the shop's raffle, in which a new camper is the top prize. He wins the drawing and quickly converts the camper into his personal office, where he spends so much time napping that the guys prank Si by towing the camper into the woods with him inside. Meanwhile, Phil and Miss Kay drag Willie into their search for a new couch, which quickly turns awkward.

But too much enthusiasm about the celebrity's mode of transportation turns into a drag race showdown between Willie and Clint. Phil and Si have their hands full trying to fix Miss Kay's barbecue when a trip to the outdoor grill store turns disastrous. Willie decides he needs to lose a few pounds in advance of his high school reunion. The weight-loss campaign leads him to try the Shake Weight, take a yoga class and chop firewood for Jase, but Korie turns out to have the best trick of them all.

Convinced that the family's hunting dogs now hate him, Si goes in search of a new hunting dog. A monitor lizard that Martin is studying for a school project escapes from its cage and hides in the warehouse. The guys try everything they can think of to catch it, without success, so they call in Phil for help.

On the other side of town, Willie goes for a ride-along with the West Monroe Police Department but Si invites himself, and the two pull Missy over for speeding as a prank.

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John Luke breaks up with his girlfriend, so the Duckmen take him hunting to get over it, even though he is unfazed by the breakup. Phil and Miss Kay spend the day having their picture taken with their dogs by pet photographer Seth Casteel. Things quickly go wrong after Korie mistakenly sprays herself with doe urine and Missy wears bright clothing.

Phil and Miss Kay call Si in to help search through their storage sheds for the blueprints to Phil's first duck call.

With Willie ditching work, the guys decide to do the same and fix up the duck blinds on the Robertson land. While out, Si believes he spots what he thinks is the infamous "Black Panther," which leads the nay-saying men on a mission to prove that what Si saw was in his imagination.

Back at Phil's house, Phil enlists the help of his football-playing grandson Reed and his fellow teammate to do yard work, claiming that the tasks will "make them better football players. Sadie has been elected to the homecoming court at her high school, but Willie disapproves of her dress selection.

He takes her shopping for a different one, with Si tagging along to get out of work for the day.



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