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My Brother still sick and not himself, My Sister choosing men like clothes, My parents fighting away their lives, Me striving hard too at least change mine. Did you spell check your submission? Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". Menu Search Login Loving.

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Keep me logged in. Prev Poem Hard Times Poem Struggling through the mountains and valleys of life, the author takes a moment to dream of a better future. So I parked around the corner and went up to See and said, "Hey, I'mma looking for some super vision glasses I guess with the gold frames?

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I tried to ask them if my world would change by my wearing the magic glasses, but See said something about how I should go, before I " find out. I decided not to wear them while I was driving-- the way that See Fore and his buddy were acting, you'd think super vision was illegal, so I'd hidden the glasses in my sock 'til I got home. I sat down and pulled out the super vision glasses. They probably weren't real gold, but I didn't want to complain yet, the super vision was what I needed.

At first I was going to close my eyes, but I wanted to see what happened when I put them on, and when I did, everything became clear. At once, it made perfect sense that I should empower a ruthless psychopath to scare the terrible people who wanted me to be brutalized by a ruthless alternative psychopath from now on.

It was the most elegant self sustaining feedback-loop imaginable, and I had visions of crabs trying to escape a colossal bucket, bullying and pulling each other back in with their panicked claws, energized by sheer adrenaline and fear forever and ever. I'd been wandering around life, not even knowing that I could inhabit a nice bucket-- I'd actually thought that I could crawl around on the beach, or even scuttle into the water if I felt like it.

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I'd found the bucket! And everybody was right: if everybody would agree with me, then it would be an excellent bucket, and we could all enjoy the adventure of finding out where these buckets keep going-- we could all go, together. How rude! How very rude for anyone to disagree, after all. People who don't see things my way were intentionally making things unpleasant for everyone. This demanded action. Oh these glasses, they are potent. I can feel a certain power, it's something that seems to come from inside, yet-- I was tapped into a collective idea all of a sudden, an external power reservoir that we all thought we were seeing, and when I think of having that power to make people agree with me, or do as I wish-- and if they don't comply?

Of course they would comply! It would be illegal not to! With my own means of force now at my disposal, then the law of the land would be whatever I said it was! Yeah these glasses, that is great stuff right there in those gold-ish frames. I've got that warm homey feeling of having a caring mother who will take care of all of my needs, while also having a strong father figure, fully-armed-- who can protect me and provide the security of money and the power that comes with it by proxy. So many people need governing, but mostly, the people that we empower to govern us--it's convenient that they take care of everything!

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Bills and laundry, all that dull grown-up stuff. A big family, is what it's like. It's like having millions of brothers and sisters, and some of them run and tattle to Mother. Both can blame either parent for any discomfort, thereby taking no responsibility for their own careless actions ever. A big family, is what it's like.

It's like having millions of brothers and sisters, and some of them run and tattle to Mother. Both can blame either parent for any discomfort, thereby taking no responsibility for their own careless actions ever. Without the glasses on my head, I could clearly see an entity that was animated by a collective belief-- it fed off of the emotions generated by this fake family unit, and was absolutely promoted by six tentacles, the big media outlets, working in unison to perpetuate the funneling of polarized human energy into a single device.

In the vision, it wasn't clear what the device was for, but the result was simply a bunch of real people fighting and arguing with each other endlessly. These glasses were astonishing. I heard my neighbor outside, and I went out to show him the glasses, but he wouldn't even try them on. We almost got in a fight about it, and I was reminded of the movie 'They Live'.

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It's a John Carpenter film, wherein a guy finds some sunglasses that allow him to see through a vast illusion-- he can suddenly see the mass mind-control at work, and every bit of printed media and TV is part of the ploy. These glasses were really kind of the exact opposite of the sunglasses in that movie, they create delusions instead of dispelling them. And mine were just a placebo, I think I imagined the whole thing with mind power. I've seen things now, things that are unbelievable. There is the possibility that lots of people are wearing contact lenses that cause such delusion as I experienced, but why would anyone intentionally wear something like that?

I know I did, but still. Or maybe everybody else took the warped lenses off too? It has been quieter lately.

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I decided to look at the glasses with some more discernment, because three hundred dollars. I finally noticed there's no glass in the frames, and they're just cheap plastic. Pretty sure old See Fore's friend ripped me off. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:.

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    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses
    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses
    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses
    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses
    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses
    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses
    My Magic Glasses My Magic Glasses

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