Secrecy or Freedom?

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Similarly, the Australian Tax Office can withdraw money from taxpayer bank accounts without their permission and former employee Richard Boyle now faces years in prison for blowing the whistle on such heavy-handed conduct. The campaign is designed to appeal straight to the public, not generate sympathy for journalists, for which there is little.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

Or the people whose job it is to inform them are finding it very tough to do the work and bring those things to light," Mr Baker said. The Right to Know coalition highlighted more than 60 pieces of legislation passed in the last 20 years that have made it harder to report on issues of public interest in the national security realm and punished whistleblowers coming forward with information. He said the best vehicle for making changes to FOI laws and others that were unnecessarily secretive was Parliament's Joint Intelligence and Security Committee.

Mr Porter said the raids on Ms Smethurst and ABC journalists Dan Oakes and Sam Clark "and the determination as to who may or may not be charged and what the brief of evidence is, is always conducted at extreme arm's length from government by the AFP".

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He reiterated he would step in to prevent a prosecution of the journalists, should that be recommended. Labor leader Anthony Albanese said there should not be a question mark over whether Ms Smethurst and the ABC journalists would go to jail.

Public access and secrecy

Mr Albanese was also concerned about the culture of secrecy that dates back to laws made in World War I and prevent the disclosure of basic information. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement. Politics Federal Press freedom Print article. Phillip Coorey and Max Mason. License article.

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Media unites against government secrecy

Your Guide to the Changing Media Landscape. Blog Navigation. Heavy-handed responses to investigative journalism in Australia have united its news media. The move aims to push the federal government into lifting its veil of secrecy.

Every major media outlet involved The campaign involves every major media outlet across the country and includes advertising across print and digital, radio and powerful television advertisements, which have the potential to reach every adult Australian. Tags australia press freedom Your Right To Know.

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Author information. Digital Media Event Blog. Adam Schiff is reportedly responsible for inserting a provision in this year's intelligence bill that threatens press freedom. Largely unnoticed until yesterday, the CIA is pushing Congress to pass a bill that will vastly expand secrecy laws, threaten press freedom, and prevent accountability for intelligence officials who violate the law.

Donate to support press freedom.

This provision was inserted into the intelligence bill by Rep. That type of important reporting could be subject to prosecution if the IAA provision is allowed to move forward. Dozens of press freedom and open government groups have sent a letter to Congress protesting the bill. The press is critical in holding intelligence agencies like the CIA accountable for breaking the law, and this bill is a clear attempt to stifle press freedom.

Secrecy or Freedom? Secrecy or Freedom?
Secrecy or Freedom? Secrecy or Freedom?
Secrecy or Freedom? Secrecy or Freedom?
Secrecy or Freedom? Secrecy or Freedom?
Secrecy or Freedom? Secrecy or Freedom?

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