The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)

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He began his career in Alaska, where he prospected for mineral ores and earned his B. In Hawaii, he completed his doctorate in on lunar and martian volcanism and then began his outstanding work on the Clementine mission to the Moon as a member of the U. Geological Survey Astrogeology Branch. His efforts, which he continues from his new base at Northwestern University, are now directed to the NEAR spacecraft mission and to future exploration of Mercury.

Citation prepared with the assistance of A. Maren Elizabeth Child, contemporary paragon of compassion, generosity and patience. Her unselfish devotion to family, friends and community is, fortunately, more frequently observed than is this minor planet that now bears her name. Her support and understanding of the sometimes bizarre demands of her partner's minor planet observing schedules can only be interpreted as an equally serious commitment to astronomy.

Charles Townsend, a laser physicist and community-college instructor of astronomy and mathematics. Monica De Magistris — , a student of physics at Perugia University and a great lover of astronomy who sometimes visited the Santa Lucia observatory. She organized an astronomy exposition as part of Italy's "Scientific and Technological Culture Week" in , giving lectures on the subject to visitors.

In her struggle with illness, she was an example of strength, intelligence and passion throughout her short life. Bill Watterson born , the author of the iconic cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes. The city of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Ebicykl, a tradition of cycling to Czech and Slovak observatories held by a group of astronomers. Roberto di San Vito, amateur astronomer. Strongly committed to astronomy and astrometry, he is supporting a new observatory in Montelupo that will bear his name, the "San Vito Observatory".

Meteorite fall

Yukio Morita born , a dentist in Hiroshima, is an expert on planetary photography and one of the most active members of the Mars section of the Oriental Astronomical Association. Named for the Chinese Academy of Sciences zhong guo ke xue yuan on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Over the past half century, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made tremendous contributions to science and technology in China, to the country's economic construction and development and to human civilization and progress. Vittorio Goretti — , Italian amateur astronomer and a discoverer of minor planets.

Makoto Adachi born , Japanese elementary school teacher, amateur astronomer, and director of the Oriental Astronomical Association. University of Massachusetts Lowell. Zhao Jiuzhang — , a Chinese physicist and pioneer of the Chinese satellite program. William Ward born , a theoretician who specializes in dynamics and celestial mechanics. Ward has made fundamental contributions to a wide variety of topics in modern planetary science, including both solar nebula and circumplanetary disk dynamics, the origin of the moon, planetesimal formation, planetary ring dynamics, and martian obliquity variations and their coupling to planetwide climatological change.

Harry Collingwood

Both his talents and his good spirits are enjoyed by colleagues around the world. Name proposed and citation written by S. Anders Erikson born , Swedish astronomer who studied minor-planet spin vectors in Uppsala and at the Institute of Planetary Exploration in Berlin. Dolon , mythical Trojan warrior from Greek mythology. Elizabeth Turtle , American planetary scientist.

He studies the isotopic composition of meteorites to investigate the early Solar System and the origin of interstellar grains. Ian has been an associate editor of Meteoritics and Planetary Science. William Lynch III of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and an outstanding model of efficiency, friendliness and dedication to his work and responsibilities. Always with a big smile and a cheerful greeting, he is one of JPL's biggest assets. Sachio Kinugasa — , Japanese professional baseball player. Noriyosi Furiya — , a pioneer Japanese winegrower, and his great-grandson Tosihiko Tosi Tukamoto born Tosi introduced a sake-brewing technique of low-temperature fermentation to the winemaking world.

Leon Jaroff born , science journalist with a long, distinctive association with Time magazine.

Meanings of minor planet names: 7001–8000

Jaroff is internationally known for his well-researched, insightful articles and essays on scientific subjects combining factual reporting and intelligent commentary. He has won many awards and honors for his fine journalism. Through his writing, he has drawn attention to the issue of NEOs and the potentially catastrophic consequences for our civilization should a large comet or asteroid strike the earth. Akihiko Tago born , Japanese amateur astronomer.

Nils Tamm — , Swedish amateur astronomer and artist whose private observatory is now the Kvistabergs Observatorium , an observing station of Uppsala Astronomical Observatory. Myron Cope — , an American sports journalist. Mutsumi Abe born , wife of Japanese discoverer Hiroshi Abe. Felice Ierman — , father of this minor planet's co-discoverer Giovanni Ierman, was a strong believer in science and technology who inspired his son's passion for astronomy.

Mutsumi Ishitsuka born , who has worked in Peru since , making coronagraphic observations of the sun at high altitude. In he built the Cosmos Observatory and in set up a new coronagraph there that was destroyed by a group of guerrillas.

Human Locomotion in Hypogravity: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications

He is currently trying to reconstruct the observatory and to establish a Peruvian National Observatory for teaching astronomy. Kuroda and Y. Kuniaki Horikawa born , a computer systems engineer in Yokohama, started Jupiter observations in , and he has obtained more than drawings and central-meridian transit timings. The Argentine city and capital of Buenos Aires. In various places, natural spring water surfaces to form clear mountain streams. Azumino is famous throughout Japan for its beautiful scenery year-round.

The origin of the shrine is not known, but it goes back at least to the sixth century; in the twelfth century its building complex was much enlarged. The shrine and its giant torii gate stand in the sea at high tide. Name proposed by Takeshi Sato. Lao Zi — BC , Chinese philosopher. Rabindranath Tagore — , poet. Viktor Leonidovich Bykov born , a Russian scientist who is known for his work on the theory of satellite communication. He was a designer of the space communication systems "Ekran" and "Intersputnik", as well as of the direct government line between Russia and the U.

The name was suggested by the Institute of Applied Astronomy. Andrey Bolotov — , Russian writer, scientist, agriculturist, forester and builder of parks. Kevin J. Zahnle born , American space research scientist. Scott R. He pioneered research on the identification of pre-solar molecular cloud material in interplanetary dust particles see below.

Her work revealed the existence of organic globules in the Tagish Lake meteorite, furthering our understanding of organic material in the Solar System see above. Margaret Turnbull born , an American astrobiologist. He is honorary professor at the College de France and at the Institut Pasteur. Edwin S. Johann Christian Schieferdecker — , German organist. Joanna L. She attended Walnut Hill School to study ballet, obtained a Ph. Holyoke College.

Roderick Oliver Redman — and Russell Ormond Redman born , English and Canadian astronomers, respectively, who worked at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory during significant parts of their careers. Oktoberfest style gathering hosted by the graduate students of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.

Yasuo Fukui born , professor at Nagoya University and a radio astronomer specializing in molecular clouds and the birth of stars. He established and directs the operation of the "Nanten" millimeter-wavelength radio telescope at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. He is a winner of the Vainu Bappu Gold Medal and other prizes.

Fuchie means the bank of a large river. This place has been called Fuchie for nearly a thousand years.

Moon Dust and the Age of the Solar System

Musashimurayama East High School , Japan. John H. Rogers born , director of the British Astronomical Association's Jupiter section since , received the Association's Goodacre Medal in By profession he is a molecular neurobiologist at the University of Cambridge. The Japanese city of Kaseda, now Minamisatsuma , located in the southwest of Kagoshima prefecture, birthplace of astronomer Fumiaki Uto , who discovered this minor planet.

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Masami Ohkuma born is an amateur astronomer who serves as chief editor of the Japanese astronomical monthly magazine Hoshi-Navi. He also plays an important role for the popularization of astronomy in Japan. Masanori Joya — was an early member of the Japan Lunar and Planetary Observers Network and played a vital role in its early development. He died tragically after losing his way in an unexpectedly heavy snowfall on Mt.

The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1) The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)
The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1) The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)
The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1) The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)
The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1) The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)
The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1) The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)
The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1) The Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall (Meteorite Expedition Series Book 1)

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