Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)

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For centuries upon centuries free will and necessity have been discussed. Philosophers and theologians have heaped volumes upon volumes, the one side holding to free will, the others, protagonists of the doctrine of necessity. The Stoics, Manicheans, Marcionites, Priscillianists, Calvin, Jansenists, and Thomists were of the latter opinion, while Epicurus, the Molinists, Melancthon, and many more defended the doctrine of free will.

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Historians and poets, Latins as well as Greeks, have invoked inexorable fate at every instant, the will of the gods as the cause of human acts. This is, in fact, to deny free will. Augustine, the great Catholic doctor, broke lances over the subject of Grace, and proclaimed: "Man is invincibly destined either to bad by his natural corruption or to good by the Holy Ghost.

Your will is not free, but your actions are. You are free to act when you have the power to act.

Bayle's Dictionary II , p. Edition Amsterdam, This is the classical liberty of indifference. Brisbarre, Precis de philosophie , p. For Teachers. To combat or defend determinism, the rational method was the only one employed. The introduction in science of the experimental and observational method has come to modify considerably the situation of the philosophers. The experiment has brought about a veritable overthrow of preconceived ideas since during the lust quarter of this century psycho-physiology has taken rank among the sciences.

The Greek and Latin philosophers, the fathers of the church, the doctors of the Reformation, and the philosophers of modern times based their opinions only upon their reason, whether they sustained or refuted free will. Now, facts observed, experimented upon, with the inevitable deductions, have come to throw light upon the problem.

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They enfeeble, reduce to nothing, the argumentation in support of free will, while sustaining, affirming, and imposing the doctrine of determinism. It is this which is officially taught. Determinism is only spoken of to assert that it is false and to give an appearance of refuting it. Then, all or almost all of us have been nourished upon this idea that man possesses free will. This fact explains how difficult it is for us to divest our minds of this conception, which is false because it is in contradiction to all human phenomena.

This impression upon our brains is such that a young advocate recently avowed: "Yes theoretically determinism is true; but practically it is not. It is sufficient to see the delinquents of the police court to be persuaded of it. This prevented him from analysing to the end these delinquents, and consequently of perceiving their lack of free will. What then is free will or moral liberty? By turns each of these different terms have been employed in the same sense. In many parts of his dictionary Bayle gives us the explanation of free will franc-arbitre. This is the classical liberty of indifference He writes: " Those who hold with free will properly so-called, admit in man the power to decide between turning to the right or to the left, even when the motives are perfectly equal as regards the two directions opposed; for they pretend that our spirit can say, without having other reason than to make use of its liberty: I like this better than that, although I see nothing more worthy of my choice in this than in that.

Also in the abstract of philosophy used in the preparation for the B. This definition is somewhat obscure, and truly tautological. It indicates the necessity for a clear definition of will. Now, for this, the same abstract says : "Will is the power to decide, inherent in the human soul. In other words, free will is free will. In his chapter 2 p. We have ascertained that there are no effects without causes.

Innumerable observations, all testifying to the same fact, that no effect without causes, have led to the formulation of the law of natural causality. To defend the hypothesis of free will is to admit that quite a series of phenomena form an exception to this constant relationship, which is found to exist between any phenomenon and those in the process which precede it; it is to admit that a phenomenon is not the necessary effect of other preceding phenomena, or that an effect is without cause; that causes have their effect altered, modified by a "faculty" that one cannot conceive.

Consequently to uphold free will is to suppose the existence of an inconceivable entity in contradiction even with the relation which unites phenomena with one another; the necessary relation of cause and effect. An hypothesis which explains nothing, but which implies something inconceivable, is useless and absurd.

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  • The observation of natural phenomena has led to the discovery that matter, force, and life subsist without being created and without being destroyed. This is the law of the conservation of matter Lavoisier , of force Mayer , and of life Dreyer. Life is a mode of force. Force is not an entity. It is an attribute of matter.

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    Outside matter force cannot be conceived. Matter and force do not exist at all as separate entities. There is matter affected by movement, of which the infinitely various associations produce the infinitely different phenomena which we notice. It is by mental abstraction that we denominate force that quality of matter which causes its combinations to be infinitely variable. Matter and force are then the same thing, for they are inseparable, inconceivable as distinct entities.

    One might then say The conservation of matter is a principle which results from the observation of all phenomena. Nothing is lost, nothing is created. Then the hypothesis of free will is in absolute contradiction to the law of the conservation of matter.

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    Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition) Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)
    Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition) Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)
    Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition) Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)
    Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition) Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)
    Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition) Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)
    Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition) Traité du libre arbitre (Le Philosophe) (French Edition)

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